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Currently running Auditions for a New Comedy TV series
If you have an interest in psychoanalytic comedy and feel that you may have what it takes to deliver lines that are funny and socially incisive; Mixed with a modicum of sarcasm and good old Australian tongue in cheek, then join the list for a role in our comedy series.
 Fill in the auditon time sheet and prepare for an interview/audition that may revolutionise your life as well as modern comedy and responsibly intelligently educate the masses through reflective evaluation, and excellence in social insight and comment.

Opening/Audition times 

  • The Single Synapse
  •  Sat: 10 am–4 pm
  • 1/10/2022

  • Les Afflige
  • Sun: 10am-2 pm
  • 2/10/2022


9 Caratel Cresent  Sydney NSW 2148

Please submit a resume and contact details to secure an audition to the productions currently in development.

 Dates of Auditions as advitised

 Auditions for

"The single synapse" - a social insight into the Australian psyche 1999 - 2022
Les affllige - " the afflicted" - a insigtful and poignant look at the number one cause of suicide in Australian males.

Character List - The single synapse

click on the image of the character or charaters you may like to audition for please attach your resume to the email.

The "Small Skull" - Mindy

Incredibly rooted this character shows many humorous traits reminiscent of the type of person who demands that her opinion is more important and should be respected because she roots. She also has a smaller than average skull as measured and compared through data analysis by one of her children Eminy the psychopathic child killer that the family are unaware of, she feeds of Dumbo mother in her ignorance and manipulates Dumbo mother into cover for her without knowing.


The Daughter of Mindy, she is a psychopathic child killer and nobody knows it, vicious linguistically and sharp witted she constantly alters the meaning of our reality to avoid trouble. Portrayed in the series as a controlling influence often associated with the comic book fantasy elements within the series.

Typically hypercritical and deadly if crossed wears a bun tightly screwed to her head to ensure her brain function is what she would like it to be.."and besides look how efficient I appear with it". Eminy relates well to Dave and takes advantage of Dave’s interpretation of reality and exploits it. as Dave often believes her.

Efan with the F

Efan is the second of the small skull’s children, a delightfully numb brain with innocence when compared to Eminy he is a lamb to the slaughter.

Famous for his retorts that evoke both love and laughter.

Efan with the F is a delightfully numb person.

Close passge Mumma

A transgendered teacher who is constantly passing out cloze passages where ever( he ) she goes handed out with the greatest of care and precision. Cloze passage Mumma addresses the societal conventions or constructs with devastating accuracy and social commentary. provoking audience reflection and development of insight into "the purpose of life".

Character List - The single synapse

click on the image of the character or charaters you may like to audition for; please attach your resume to the email for review. All candidates will be considered.

The Faver

With an IQ of 89 the Faver is in ignorance with Dumbo mother. What a team as they bumble through life the Faver is kind and ignorant as he loves his children and could not possibly imagine they are doing anything wrong personified by the statement Ignorance is bliss in the social context The Faver is unaware of the metacognition of many of societal constructs in his children’s real lives.

Dumbo Mother

Dumbo mother is a woman with children who exploit her consistently to the point of absurdity. She appears unaware of the antics of her children and others and as such appears the fool in the synapse.

Happy and free she lives her life in ignorance and enjoys all aspects of her children despite being negligent in looking after them.


 Kaffie is a person with buck teeth and a protruding face that looks up at you when you speak to her highly articulate she often speaks so loudly and with cutting comments that it mildly offends the person she is speaking to. Kaffie is quite short hence the upturned face and semi short persons issues.

 Dave Yep - th th thisss

A drug effected psychotic who believes he is Elvis Presley drawn into psychosis he frequently believes Eminy that he will be a superstar, unable to play well or sing he continues to misinterpret his own reality. He frequently represents those individuals who suffer in this way inflicting hate on to others whilst remaining in appearance happy and well adjusted. His social context is of hopelessness and irritation with a society that doesn’t recognise his lack of talent.

The sound in Dave’s name is from when he realises in his world that he missed being Elvis Presley, usually met with laughter from those that love him. and the typical thiss thiss thiss sounds.

Les Afflige'

Love, Isolation, Descrimination, Intolerance

The number one cause of death in males in Australia aged 14 - 85 is suicide.

The current state.

Social Consciousness.

The current situation in Australia and the rest of the world is unacceptable. The responsibility of film and Australians who care is to change the current stance and dealings with men and their happiness in life.

Resonsible action

The Reponsibility of Film

Les Afflige' represents a film of disturbingly real-life reflections, insights and realities reflecting the world many live in, a world where Australian men take their lives due to their own circumstance. Something needs to be done, the responsibility of good film is to educate and increase awareness of these unsatisfactory human rights in existence in the Australian culture.

Real Change.

A change for the better.

Resultant from production of this type of film creates a very strong awareness for human rights among LGBTIQ minority group. Films such as Les Afflige' address these real-life issues, and effect social welfare resolutions to improve the situation. Les Afflige' will be entered into international film festivals effecting the same awareness worldwide.



Please be advised of the schedule for suitable candidates to progress to a screen test. All auditons/interviews require a full resume to be submitted and evaluated prior to filming candidates.
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Day 2 Sunday - Les Afflige'



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